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If you are planning on joining us, the 2024 Clean Sweep of The Great Miami River Watershed, POWW Section will be Saturday July 20th, From 8AM to 1PM. When you e-mail us we will get back to you by phone or e-mail and let you know which section we will put you on.

We divide all volunteers into 4 canoe teams and 1 walking team. The canoe team are A to D and the A walkers and D walkers. A team members meet and put in to river at the 25A Roadside Park across from the cemetery on the southside of Sidney (just 200 yards south of the big cement arch railroad bridge). B team launches under the I-75 bridge over the river on Miami River Rd. This is also the A team take out. The C team launches at Piqua Lockington Rd. and the river on the up-river side of bridge and on east side of river. This is the B team take out. The D team launches at the Piqua Bike Path and the river just east of the Roadside Park on State Route 66 (across from Piqua water works). This is the C team take out. The D team (both canoers and walkers) take out behind clearing where Bennett School used to be at the Piqua Boat & Ski Club ramp on the river.

When you arrive, find the section host / hostess and get a release form signed and check in. The section captains will read you a message from Jeff Lange (founder of POWW) and then read you a brief safety list of do’s and don’ts. Follow their instructions and don’t fall behind or get out in front of group. What to bring: hat, small cooler with non-alcoholic drinks, snack. Wear old clothes and tie up soled shoes that cover bottom of feet and top of feet. We do not allow flip flops, sandals, water booties, etc.The most important thing to bring is an open mind, a watchful eye, and a willingness to get dirty and clean up a beautiful river, our Great Miami River.

What we provide is canoe, paddle, preserver, gloves, bug spray, sun product, lunch / drink and a new Clean Sweep T shirt. E-mail us if you want to join us.